Console RPG

This project was built prior to Dimensia, and was the very first project I developed. It was made with the intent to learn core programming principles, such as object-orientated programing. The game itself is completely within the console, and developed with C#. It was inspired heavily by Zork.

It follows an RPG (Role playing game) genre, in which the main character (your hero) fights monsters to level up while exploring, gaining skills and items, to defeat enemies which plague the land.


It was developed within years 2012 using C# and .NET 4.0.

UPDATE: In 2022, I undertook a week long bug bash in which I:

  • Fixed a huge amount of small bugs
  • Improved the screens battle UX
  • Ported to .NET 6.0, allowing cross platform


For the Mac/Linux download, you will most likely need to run chmod +x OSX-RPG-SelfContained for this to run correctly. You can find the self-contained exe which avoids the need to install .NET framework here at the cost of a larger download:

If you already have .NET 6 installed, you can find a non-self contained exe (which is much smaller) here: Windows Download

Game Arc

Your hero starts within a small town, having to defeat various threats to it until you are strong enough to roam in the wilderness alone.

Out there you will find much more dangerous enemies, eventually leading to the home of all evil.

You must train yourself to ensure you will succeed in this mission.


Showing the battle screen within the initial RPG game

Battle scene

Showing the new RPG re-make framework with an easier to use console interface in which arrow keys and numbers can be used to select options

New console interface

Code and Remake

In 2016, a remake was started of this to completely re-vamp the console engine to fix all the usability issues the initial application exhibited. The remake project is yet to be completed, however the open source code can be found here.

The original projects code is also open-source and can be seen here (however, warning, this was my first ever project!).