Mobile Music Player

What started as a playground app to learn Dart & Flutter, starting in 2020, I built, and continue to iterate upon, a cross-platform music player for my own use.

This project has been an on-going effort, which has also included improving existing Flutter plugins (such as audioplayers, see here, which added support to play audio from a byte array).

The project in itself is closed source, but includes the following features:

  • All the music playing basics:
    • Playlist support
    • Audio playing / pausing / shuffle play
    • Favouriting
  • Inbuilt audio recorder (which auto saves to the device and imports to your library)
  • Importing existing audio files into the app that exist on your device
  • Inbuilt downloader from copy-right free sources, such as No Copyright Sounds (NCS)
  • Support for playing sounds directly from a byte source, which in turn adds support for encrypted sounds files
    • The decryption logic is by decrypting the file into memory, then playing it via the byte source. This is still subject to memory snapshots exposing the underlying song

This app in itself followed Material design throughout.

Entry tab without any imported songs

Main screen